The Apricots

Our inherited garden contains two very special fruit trees. One grows both plums and nectarines, while the other grows both peaches and apricots. I have no idea how mother nature makes a tree that grows two types of fruit, so I would assume some grafting was involved.

However it worked out scientifically, the apricot half produced quite well this year. And as is usually the case with apricots, they ripened nearly all at once.
What’s a girl with six dozen apricots in a bucket to do? Make jam of course. A quick click on Amazon for some mason jars and this book to walk me through basic canning techniques and off I went.

Apricot & vanilla bean preserves.
Apricot & vanilla bean preserves.

The kids helped me pick the apricots, then hounded me with questions about how long our jam would take to make.  After putting them to bed I got to work.  Three hours later (it takes a bit of time to sterilize the jars, cook the preserves, can, boil, and then cool) I had eight mini jars of jam.  And the next morning my kiddos had the most delicious flax muffins topped with homemade apricot vanilla bean preserves, and I had some cute little jars to give whomever I was feeling especially nice to that day.

Flax muffin with homemade apricot and vanilla bean preserves.
Enjoying her flax muffin with apricot preserves.

Peaches should be up next.  To pie or crumble or can? Tough choice.

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