The Pond

One of our favorite places to be on the ranch is next to our pond.  On its bank sits a majestic 150 year old oak that provides the perfect cover to picnic, fish, or partake in an afternoon nap.

Recently the pond served as host for Jaffurs Wine Cellars.  An annual event open to wine club members, they come to enjoy stone fired pizzas, all the Jaffurs wine they can drink (including the beautiful Thompson Vineyard Syrah and Grenache Blanc), tours of the vineyard given by the winemaker, and of course, the beautiful scenery.

Patron's FishFor El Patron, the pond became one of the ranch’s biggest selling points. (The world class vineyard was just a bonus!)  A fisherman at heart, I knew he was sold on the ranch the first time he caught a huge bass within a few minutes of dropping his line in the pond.

And because those big bass eat all the little guys, this week we stocked the pond to keep the aquaculture healthy and thriving.  Into our pond went exactly 81 largemouth bass, 400-500 bluegill, and about 7000-9000 mosquito fish.  Go little guys!

The pond is also good for a few other things too: playing with boats, riding on paddle boats, picnics, and of course, photo bombing.

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