The Fiesta

We’ve been settling into our new life in the country.  As you can expect, things move a little slower here, and I find myself moving slower too.  This may explain my posting hiatus (although laziness might be the more accurate explanation).

We’re well into another season on the vineyard.  Pruning is in progress and warm weather has already woken the vines from their winter slumber (bud break came early!).

The Santa Ynez Valley is beautifully verdant thanks to a few well needed rain storms.  And as we welcomed our crew back from their winter break in Mexico I was reminded how much we enjoy having them on the ranch.  So I thought I’d post a few pictures from the fiesta we threw to celebrate the end of harvest last November.

A fiesta really is the best word for it .  We hired a full Mariachi band and grilled carne asada and sipped wine and Coors Light (our crew’s favorite) next to the pond.

Our family and friends celebrated the end of a wonderful season in harmony with the extended family of the crew that has been caring for the land here for two generations (and moving onto a third).

With one full successful season under our belts, we hope to make the harvest fiesta an annual tradition.

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