The Chickens!

Back in November we decided that after a mere six months of country living, it was high time to raise chickens.  We visited Dare to Dream Farms in Lompoc so the kids could pick out three chicks to take home.  For months we fed our chicks in the garage until the day they were finally ready to face the harsh and unforgiving outdoor coop.  And then we waited.  And waited more.  And some more.

Cutie pie chicks, first day home!
Cutie pie chicks, first day home!

Finally, nearly six months after bringing home the darned freeloaders, there it was.  Our very first egg!  The earth turned, the heavens sang, and we cradled that egg in our hands like a raw diamond, examining its cut, color, size, and clarity.  For the next two days we debated what kind of food would befit our perfect treasure.  We had only one after all.  How can we showcase it best?  Crack it raw into a bloody mary?  Poach it? Fry it up with fried rice so we could all enjoy it?  At last, a simple fried egg was the winning answer.  And never has a fried egg tasted so glorious.

Since then all of our birds have become official layers.  And if they were a bit standoffish before they started laying, boy oh boy are they flirty and friendly now, nuzzling our legs with their tushy feathers!  They seem to love us as much as we love them…er…as much as we love to steal the fruits of their labor.

Meet our first prize winning layer- Jeffrey.


Not to be overshadowed by Her Royal Highness- Rainbow.


And of course, our shyest hen of the bunch- Fast Cloud.


And now for the reward, FRESH EGGS!

Just Got Laid!
Just Got Laid!

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