The Second Harvest

Hard to believe that we’re starting our second harvest. Last year’s yields were low due to the drought but this year we made some adjustments and it looks like all of our crew’s hard work is paying off. We harvested our Chardonnay during the wee hours between Sunday and Monday. And the yields shattered our forecast. Our crew picked about 12 tons in a single night. All were excited to kick off another great harvest season.

I braved the dark and foggy country roads and showed up to start shooting at 5 am when the crew had already been long at work picking for about 4 hours.  At 6:30 we took a coffee and donut break, then back out for picking.  By 10 a.m. vineyard manager and I dropped our first load off at Sandhi and Domaine De La Cote. 24 half ton bins later, we finished the job around 12:30 p.m. A marathon to be sure but all were happy with the results.

A perfect Chardonnay cluster.
A perfect Chardonnay cluster.

Last week we also harvested our little 1 acre Viognier vineyard (for Zinke winery) at the house.  The kids (and Auggie) were on hand to supervise this one. We’re getting them shaped up for the hard labor.  Their little hands can reach the tough clusters. I’m thinking in a year or two they’ll be ready to be full fledged pickers. That is if they can stop eating the grapes long enough to put them in the bin.  Happy harvest, happy life.

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